Thursday, January 12, 2012

Backwards Proposition

You're looking for a roleplayer. I'm looking for a roleplay. It seems we were destined to meet in the middle, here on the Interest Check forum.

I'm back on the boards after a year of heartache, college, and not eating enough brain food, and I think I've finally got my claws into some time; this means I'll finally be able to make posts and keep up with my online life. Now that I have all this newfound time, I find myself jonesing for a good roleplay--be it a group thing or a one on one, whatever tickles your fancy.

Problem is, I don't have any ideas. Zilch, zero, nothing, not at all. It's all empty up there in my headpan, save for dustbunnies and moths.

So let's save each other from our predicaments! If you've had an idea floating around in your head for ages, but haven't quite had the interest you've expected (or found the partner you were looking for), post here and let me give it a whirl! I may not have plots, but I'm sure I have plenty of characters to pull out of my little hat, ripe for the metaphorical picking!

I've been jonesing for demons or pirates lately, but these are not a requirement.

The Specs
You don't want to get into a roleplay with someone you know nothing about, so let me give you a few details about myself. Nothing terribly personal, just some information that might help you decide if I'm your gal.

First and foremost, I'm nineteen years old and just finished my first semester in college. While I'm not an English major, I have a pretty decent grasp on the language, so spelling and grammar errors will only be a major concern when I'm sleepy or otherwise impaired. I tend to post anywhere from 300 to 1200+ words in a post, depending on what my partner has been posting. I pay a great deal of attention to detail, and like getting excited about/making contributions to the plot. I also speculate wildly, so feel free to tell me no if my ideas become too ridiculous.

I don't have many limits when it comes to RPing, which is not to say I slut it up. It's more that violence, sex, and (as dA would say) ideologically sensitive material don't especially bother me inside the confines of a story, though I draw the line at references to pedophilia. I don't think that will be an issue, though, considering RPG is PG-13 anyway. Or it was last time I checked.

As far as romance goes, I'm open to all suggestions, but prefer it not to be the focus of the RP (or if it is, I prefer it to be only marginally more important than other aspects.) I'm terrible at femmeslash despite being a girl involved with a girl, but boyslash is something I'm rather good at, so if that floats your boat....

Yeah, not much to say on that subject.

Other than that, uhh. I'm not interested in real life/school RPs, vampire RPs, or werewolf RPs, but everything else is free range, so shoot me a line here or in my PM box. If nothing else, it'll save you from typing up one of these godforsaken interest checks if you decide you like my style!


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